Green Products

As it is my passion for green products grows each day….I was searching the web for products that can satisfy my craving…promote a healthy living and sustainable life!
Weird it may sound, but this is what motivates me to spend hours and hours on the net to look for real stuffs which I can really promote to another green loving person like you!
At the current moment, I realized that rather than hunt for something that I am not sure of it’s origins from some corners of this planet…I should focus on things that are available around me, which I can really monitor the quality.
Sounds better, don’t you think?
Today, I’m zeroing in to two different products…Natural Soaps and Virgin Coconut Oil.
Well, natural soaps or hand made natural soaps as it is also called is not something new in the ‘green’ market.Thousands of websites are available now which promotes the goodness of natural soaps.Which is fantastic as this promotes the usage of non toxic (if I can say that! oops!).. none chemical based soaps for the green lovers!
The difference that it makes here with the products is basically the contents of it.As I mentioned earlier, I can only ascertain about a product which I can see how it’s been made and produced.
So, Kinabalu Green is certainly proud to introduce natural soaps, handmade,and very hygienic with high quality local ingredients to give you a great feeling after and even before you apply on your skin.
There are a load of info that can be shared about natural soaps which will reach you soon with photos and such! Now, let me introduce another product under Kinabalu Green lineup, its Virgin Coconut Oil or VCO in short!
Cold pressed oil from fresh coconuts is considered to be the best edible oil on earth by enthusiasts.Again, loads of information and facts can be shared with all about this humble wonder product but as this is not an advert for one I limit this short introduction about these two great products here today!
More to come, meanwhile please promote green living in whichever way it’s possible in our everyday life!
Have fun.


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